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At EatWellPlate.net we know that when you look into diet, weight loss and other health-related issues, there is too much mis-information.  That's why we are committed to giving you the facts so that you can trust what you find here.

By EatWellPlate we mean the best diet for you, which is something that you have to decide yourself.  This site and our partnering programs have been created to help you find out what your EatWellPlate is!

EatWellPlate is about having a healthy diet with the right food portions and relating that to fitness and wellness so that you can lead the balanced life that is best for you.

EatWellPlate is not just another site about dieting.  Our approach is unique.  We were surprised to find out how unique.

Please visit and join the Wellness Initiative membership program here .  You can join for FREE and get some great ebooks too!  We also urge you to participate in the Wellness Initiative at the VRCities Forums where we are now starting our fact-checking system about diets, fitness and wellness. It is important that you participate.  Working together we can learn what is true and best for you.

Basic Facts Check: At this point many people are so freaked out about weight and diet that they forget the basics.  Underneath it all everybody is human and we all want what works best, which involves much more than just food!

Fact 1.  What works best has to do with your whole life, not just one month or one year or even three years.

Fact 2.  People are human beings with a body, a mind and a spirit.  If you focus just on one part (food only, for example) you are not going to get the best results.

Fact 3.  Each person has a unique body and genetic heritage which affects their biological, mental and spiritual tendencies.

Fact 4.  The science of biochemistry works the same for everybody, but is affected differently by each person's unique individuality, body, mind and spirit.

EatWellPlate.net, and our partners, are about pulling these facts together to help you accomplish what works best for you.  We want to provide you with balanced, well-organized information that is structured to serve as a good source for the average person AND where people can help each other more efficiently.  That is what we are doing with this site and the Wellness Initiative forum.

Our priorities are the following three topics:

Diet, Food Portions and Percentages:  What are the best diets, what food portions do they recommend and what percentages of nutrients are you getting with these diets?

The EatWellPlate and Fitness:  How do diets relate to fitness and vice versa?

The EatWellPlate and Wellness:  What are the effects of different diets on your mental and spiritual well-being?
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